Lemon Lavender Biscotti

I love biscotti…well I just love food…looking through different recipes  I was inspired by a lemon almond biscotti recipe on the  King Arthur Flour site …so I played around with it and made a few changes…and this is what I came up with


Lemon Lavender Orange Blossom Honey Biscotti

preheat oven to 350

2 1/4 cups of flour….I do love King Arthur flour but this time I used Trader Joe’s      ……………………………………unbleached white flour

1.5 t  baking powder

1/4 t baking soda

1/4 t salt

combine the above dry ingredients together and set aside

1 stick of light butter….I used Land o ‘ Lakes…softened

1/3 c sugar

1/3 c orange blossom honey

1 T lemon zest

2 t vanilla

3 T lemon juice

1 egg

2 egg whites

2 T dried lavender


so in a mixing bowl combine the butter and sugar……add the honey and continue mixing for a minute or two

pulverize the lavender to release the oils…I do this in a coffee grinder

add the lavender…the lemon zest…the vanilla …and the lemon juice….mix until well combined in the butter/sugar/honey mixture

add the egg…mix until incorporated and then add egg whites and beat on medium high for 2 more minutes


slowly add the dry mixture to the wet mixture…..the dough /batter will be on the soft side

line a baking sheet with parchment

with a rubber spatula…help ease the dough out of the bowl onto the parchment…and I then  flour my hands to pat the dough into shape…the dough takes up just about the entire length of the pan…except for maybe 2.5 inches on either end of the baking sheet

I then put it in the oven for 30 minutes after 30 minutes I take them out and let them rest

Lower the oven to 300 degrees…and let the log rest for 20 minutes…after the 20 minutes start slicing the log into 1/2 inch slices…I ended up with 20 cookies…large cookies…take the slices and place them back in the oven for another 20 minutes

take them out and let them cool


so while cooling I make a lavender lemon glaze…I do not measure when Imake a glaze…but I did measure out 1  T dried lavender buds…and again pulverized them in the coffee grinder…I then used roughly 3 T lemon  juice….and added confectioners sugar until I reached a consistency I liked…I then piped the glaze onto the cooled cookies

Biscotti are great by themselves…or for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee…or a mid day snack with a glass of milk…no matter how you like them…they won’t last long and you may be hearing requests for….more ?


The table  I used to photograph the cookies is just a plain square raw wood table from Ikea . I painted it with chalk paint …I used the folkart chalk paint that you can get at Jo-An fabrics…..I used Java as a base and then painted patina  on top  …I then used a crackle medium on top that crackles clear and gives a crackle like you might see on porcelain…it was made by decoart…I don’t think I will ever use it again…even though I like the end results it produces….there are no warning on the bottle…but while using this …my tongue started to go numb and I started getting heart palpitations…as soon as I got away from this stuff I started feeling better…so after the crackle I started to distress the rest of the paint with just a wet rag…a little sand paper… a little steel wool…and then i finished it off doing a little dry brushing…now i need on figuring out how to seal it .



Where is Molly

Molly is a jack russell terrier…mostly white with a brown head and some brown markings…she was lost in Pittsburgh…Mt Lebanon area…but has been seen at the Fort Pitt Tunnel and in Beechview…have not seen her in 5 days. she could be anywhere..if you do please give me a calll …..412 892 9090


at the Pittsburgh Barbell

My niece kind of got me hooked on watching weightlifting when she was competing . So even though she no longer competes I still go and watch and wonder at the strength and power these athletes demonstrate…I do realize that technique is very important…and if you look at some of my images you will notice how much they depend on the drive from their legs…I could post images of successfully completed lifts…but I wont do that…I would rather show their power…and movement

Thank you Pittsburgh Barbell for hosting this wonderful event

just a few images

Holy Toledo ! Highlanders to Invade NW Ohio

By my estimates Saturday October 28 was perfect rugby weather…on the cool side and a bit of rain…as the Pittsburgh Highlanders hosted the Cleveland Crusaders in a playoff match

It was clear as to who the better team was but…the better team does not always win…in this case the better team did win .

The two teams played it close to the vest as there was not a lot of room out there…and the Highlanders opting to score both its tries from a power situation of getting the ball down deep and then just driving the pile over the line . The Crusaders scored their lone try late in the second half and missed on the conversion…I was on the Cleveland side of the field for the conversion…and they thought it was good…you know what…I had a pretty good angle on it…and I thought it was good as well…but didnt really matter as the Highlanders controlled the ball for much of the remainder of the game .

For the most part Pittsburgh controlled posession of the ball…the Highlanders would get down to nearly scoring and then Cleveland would make a big play advancing the ball 50 meters up the field . But the Highlander defense pretty much shut down Cleveland when push came to shove

So with the win the Highlanders are still unbeaten…and still in the playoffs

Forward with honor boys .

Good luck .

Highlanders v Maulers

Well it was a seasonably warm October Saturday…and rather comfortable…and then again I do not have men 200lbs and over trying to run me over…so I am sure by the end of the match some were feeling it.

I don’t know where to start…I could just say ditto…as the Highlanders win again in dominant fashion and are unbeaten heading into the playoffs …The Highlanders have been The team over the past 2-3 seasons in DIII locally…I don’t know how a team gets their D….I , II , III…IV….I am kind of used to English premiere soccer and relegation…and I am thinking …time for the Highlanders to move up to DII…I dont even know if that is a possibility…just thinking out loud here .

But a couple things I did notice…the Highlanders when on defense reacted in a swarm…whichever Mauler had the ball there seemed to always be 3 Highlanders there to take him on…I like to see that …no matter who is putting on the display .

And one thing I noticed about one of the Maulers players…the guy who would kick into touch for lineouts was just fabulous…pretty accurate kicks and with greatly measured distance

Any way…Good luck in the playoffs Highlanders

here are some images

Iron Maidens Invade Highlander Country

For the athlete I might imagine that an 11a.m. kickoff is early…tough to get the body moving . But I enjoyed it because for the most part the temperature remained rather pleasant until the last 20 minutes of match time

Lady Highlanders started strong and were able to matchup well against Cleveland…but…there is always a but I guess…the Iron Maidens played a pretty stifling defense…Sideline to sideline the Maidens were right there to stop any progress…Was I watching the All Blacks…not quite but …they were very tenacious

I dont have the final score but the out of towners were victorious today

As I looked through my images…one Lady Highlander always seemed to be in the image…and if you are in a lot of my images that means you are pretty active….making a hit…taking a hit…and even scoring a try …I think I am a fan of number 10 .

As Manager Clint Hurdle might say…shower well ladies…tomorrow is another day….

Good luck against South Buffalo


here are some images

..,. Robert Smith got it wrong…Boys do cry

Last night shortly after 8 pm my bestest friend…Sammy the Rat terrier…crossed the rainbow bridge…Probably the most grueling week I have ever had in my life

Sammy had a gi bleed caused by a malignant tumor…They cut out the part of the intestine that was diseased and resectioned two healthy ends together…Sammy was slowly coming back…and then not…he developed an abcess and then pneumonia…and the doctor who did the initial surgery said there was really nothing else she could do . So last night I made my peace with Sammy and thanked him for everything he has done for me and that he would be no longer in pain .

If .this were a piece of paper you could not read it as it would be soaked with tears…I think I need to work quicker here as my tears may destroy the keyboard

What can I say…I had a great 20 months with this little guy…he just loved life…loved to ride in the car.. chase squirrels and deer…do backyard agility…eat Frosty Paws…He just wanted to be with me all the time…and you know what…we were together 340 days out of the year pretty much 24/7…Even when I would be in the bathroom his little head would bump open the bathroom doorto check on me…If I was in the basement working on something…he came down to make sure I was Ok

Every night he slept with me…he would burrow under the covers…and squeeze himself so hard into me

for about the past 6 months we had a Sunday ritual…of getting up early and heading downtown…hey street parking is free on Sundays…walked into Point State Park and would sit on either the Mon river or the Allegheny…and he would have breakfast…he loves it…and he loved to people watch…sometimes we would venture over to the North Shore…especially if there was a Steeler or Pirate game…he liked the people…and they liked him

I am kind of in denial…and trying to tell myself …he didnt mean much to me…but writing this and looking through some images I know he was the reason I woke every morning…my heart is so broken…and I am soooo angry…Sammy was only 9 …that is young for a rat terrier .

Sammy I have learned so much from you and you will always be in my heart…thank you for sharing your life with me….now go run in the fields up there in heaven where you can do zoomies and your whirling dervish spins…Til we meet again my good friend…love ya

I still have my gofundmepage…bills still need to be paid…if you can help that would be deeply appreciated


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Lady Highlanders v Buffalo

I thought it was hot last Saturday as the lady Highlanders hosted Buffalo Rugby Club…The sun was harsh on me physically and as a photographer…no excuses her…just not a good of photography…and as for rugby Buffalo was the team bettered prepared to play…but one thing I find peculiar and actually do not understand…it is when the ball goes into touch and you can either do a line out…or …you can throw it into a teammate quickly…I dont understand it and why it is allowed sometimes and other times not…I think it is a good play if you can catch the other team off guard…and Buffalo took advantage of that play at least a couple times during the match.

The match was scheduled for 11…the Highlanders were there…but the Buffalo team was not ready as they arrived when I did…just 10 minutes before the hour…and to boot…the Sir was even more late…but at the end of it all…Buffalo had a nice drive home

just afew images

Steelers Home Opener

Not much to say about the day…it was a warm Sunny Sunday afternoon…and morning…Sammy and I were down there around 9 so we did not have to feel the heat…met a couple guys from Limburg Germany…known for its Cathedral…St Gregory …I believe…but they had a German flag …and drinking Budweiser…said they were not able to find German beer…but they came all the way from Germany for the home opener…I told them I had 2 years of German in high school…but all I could remember is …Ich gehe in die schule…they laughed…but actually I do remember more…some times on Fridays if we were good…Sister Mary Donald would bring out the beer singing sheets…and we would have a great time..
.Ein Freund, ein guter Freund,
das ist das Schönste was es gibt auf der Welt.
Ein Freund bleibt immer Freund,
und wenn die ganze Welt zusammenfällt.

and it was a great time for the Steelers as they won pretty easily

so a few images from our morning near Heinze field