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A few years ago I remember a winter that was cold and snowy and I snowshoed 40 times that year . And I only had left the south hills of western PA  a few times to snowshoe . What a great means of transportation…and they give your legs a bit more of a workout . And if you want to work on your upper body as well…bring along some trekking poles.

My redfeather snowshoes I think I paid somewhere between 60 and 90 dollars at  the season end clearance from REI…and I got my trekking poles from there as well…I am not here to promote REI…but they are great to deal with . I am a member…I think for 25 dollars I became a lifetime member…this gives you reduced prices…and they pay you a dividend…plus you can return items so easily…and you have first dibs on returned items…If you like being active in the outdoors their membership turns out to be quite a bargain .

I am tired of folks saying they hate winter and cannot wait til it is over . Well , have you tried to enjoy it ? Anyone can snowshoe . You can move at your own pace . Choose the terrain that you are comfortable on . If you enjoy winter…winter may move along just a little quicker for you . And it is good for your heart…get out there and get moving…When I go I am bundled . Nike longjohns, warm socks ,snowpants ,waterproof boots . a moisture evaporating long sleeve t shirt another shirt , a sweater or two…depending on the temperature…and then my coat…zipped up to the neck ….with a fleece around my neck , a balaclava and my fur lined bomber hat…hey  this may be too much for you…but whatever makes you comfortable .

So when you get a chance put on those snowshoes and hike out to that frozen waterfall with some good friends




you just may enjoy yourself.

And come july when it is 102 degrees and your air conditioning is not working…you may say to yourself…I wish I was snowshoeing…and mean it.

Winter is a time to get strong . A time to build on your growth . Though the trees have no leaves  they are making their root system stronger . Enabling them to have a great and beautiful spring  , summer and autumn . So strenthen your roots . Spring will soon be here but for now…ENJOY .


Sven n Kenn