Sorry to see Winter Go

I understand the folks who hate the cold weather .But that is why there is Florida and the Caribbean  .  I love the cold . Winter is my favorite season  .


Here are my 10 reasons to love winter .

1 .  Those nights that it goes down to 5 below zero…that really helps to get rid of the ticks . From what I understand ticks can survive to about 16 degrees fahrenheit . I love it and my best friend      Sven loves not having me put tick and flea repellent on him.  When the weather is cold but not in the single digits I still use a deterrent .


2 . Seems like my reasons are going to be Sven related…When we get good snow cover…as we did for most of February…there are no burs to worry about…because they are all covered with a beautiful white blanket.


3 . The air smells fresher . I hate going outside on a warm summer day and the air is so thick that I cannot breathe . Yes there are cold days as well that takes my breath away but that is easily solved by wearing something over my face to breathe through such as a balaclava .


4 . I love to wear sweaters .  I have quite a few lovely sweaters that I have collected over the many years of my existence . I have a beautiful Dale of Norway 2002 Olympic sweater that I am particularly fond of as well as a few  made of alpaca…that alpaca stays so warm even when wet . Love it . Thank you Kim for your wonderful designs .


5. I do not like snowshoeing in the sand …snow is a must for this winter activity that anyone can do…anyone . you can go as fast or as slow as you like . Carry some trekking poles with you and you will have a full body workout.


6 .There are fewer people out . I am not a hermit. And I do enjoy meeting new people . But to go snowshoing or nordic skiing or nordic skating…there are not a lot of folks doing that and I like the solitude . Nice to go on a winter hike with Sven n Kaba.


7 . It is the only time of year I can photograph snowflakes .


8. Less liklihood of allergies especially from pollen .


9 . My images are more dramatic . The landscape is more majestic . I enjoy the harshness of the elements . It makes me feel alive .


10 . And the 10th reason to enjoy winter is because I said so . Thank you Mom for that reasoning .




Sven n Kenn


Best Friend Ever…HappY Birthday SVEN !

Today is my little boys 12th birthday . He has slowed down a step or two but still enjoys a quick romp with a dog he may meet in the park . I am writing this at 3 in the morning as Sven had me out for a little potty walk .  Yes even at 3 a.m. I am thankful that he lets me know his needs and I am glad to accomadate …he keeps me active .  I owe him so much…especially for helping to save my life . And everyday he makes me smile  . He doesn’t judge me . Likes me to rub his belly or give his ears a little tickle…very therapeutic for both of us . He is a great trail dog…often taking the lead…and when I slow down …he always comes back to check on me .  he is very aware of my mood . When I am feeling down or not well he will come and lay down beside me . He is so alert . He knows what I am going to do before I even decide on what I am going to do .He is my travel companion and goes with me wherever I may go .He is just amazing…..So for birthday dinner tonight for Sven…it is filet mignon …and maybe a little king salmon…yes a little surf and turf….so Happy Birthday Sven…I love you




the video below is not the best quality…but you get to see my boy enjoying the outdoors…you can click on the fit to full screen if you like…and after these types of runs and being in the cold…a little baby aspirin helps his arthritis




He is such a happy boy . thank you Lord .


Be well everyone .