Best Friend Ever…HappY Birthday SVEN !

Today is my little boys 12th birthday . He has slowed down a step or two but still enjoys a quick romp with a dog he may meet in the park . I am writing this at 3 in the morning as Sven had me out for a little potty walk .  Yes even at 3 a.m. I am thankful that he lets me know his needs and I am glad to accomadate …he keeps me active .  I owe him so much…especially for helping to save my life . And everyday he makes me smile  . He doesn’t judge me . Likes me to rub his belly or give his ears a little tickle…very therapeutic for both of us . He is a great trail dog…often taking the lead…and when I slow down …he always comes back to check on me .  he is very aware of my mood . When I am feeling down or not well he will come and lay down beside me . He is so alert . He knows what I am going to do before I even decide on what I am going to do .He is my travel companion and goes with me wherever I may go .He is just amazing…..So for birthday dinner tonight for Sven…it is filet mignon …and maybe a little king salmon…yes a little surf and turf….so Happy Birthday Sven…I love you




the video below is not the best quality…but you get to see my boy enjoying the outdoors…you can click on the fit to full screen if you like…and after these types of runs and being in the cold…a little baby aspirin helps his arthritis




He is such a happy boy . thank you Lord .


Be well everyone .






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