Pretty Pictures

Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike summer . I am a cold weather kind of person…for me it is so much easier to stay warm than it is to cool down…In the winter I can put layers on or take some off as needed…But when it gets up to 90 degrees and matching humidity there is only so much one can take off . I am not a fan of picnics…I do not find the attraction of eating outside in sticky weather where flies and mosquitoes and hornets abound . Good picnic weather is anything from 60 degrees down to about 30 degrees…Just have a fire going…and here are no bug problems . Plus when you go outside on a muggy summer day/night you may find it harder to breathe as the air feels heavy…well there is science behind that as in warm conditions there are actually less O2 molecules to breathe .

But during the summer I try to make the best out of a bad situation . I can photograph hummingbirds , flowers , and bugs…oh my ….So this page will become my summer page where I will continue to add to hopefully on a regular basis…of images I like and find interesting but mostly pretty .

so here goes …a few images of some pretty things .