Some of the Best of svenlovesflo

Hi everyone…the weather is becoming a bit more tolerable…much more tolerable than Jeff Locke against the Giants last night…serving up those big beach balls…almost anyone could hit them out of the park


Just thinking about things that irritate me…watching golf…and the narrator will say…what a beautiful golf shot or this is a nicely constructed golf hole…i do not need the word golf n these descriptions …I know and everyone else knows…we are watching golf

I really hate when I go to the supermarket and the guy gathering up the carts with one of those  motorized cart pushers loaded to the gills pushing 50 yards of carts and blocking people in in their cars while he is still adding to the haul…inconsiderate and frustrating .

I am tired of the Wendys girl…and Flo of progressive..and I will never eat at Sonic because from watching their commercials I gather that their food makes you that stupid .


I hate Ticketmaster…I was never a fan of Pearl jam but I enjoyed the war they waged against ticketmaster…their charges are beyond ridiculous . Actually their charges keep me away from going to sporting events…If I do go…I often end up buying a ticket from a street vendor or just a regular Joe . I remember when ticketmaster first started…When I went to buy the tickets…mainly for a Penguins game…the ticketmaster charge was 25 cents per transaction…I could buy four tickets for a game and the total ticketmaster charge was 25 cents .


I am wearing myself out


Here are some of the best from svenlovesflo