Sven-Best Friend Ever

Yesterday afternoon Sven crossed over the rainbow bridge to be with his sister Flo…though they are not the same breed they were every bit brother and sister.

Flo take good care of Sven…and be nice to him…he needs to be petted and loved just as you are Flo . When I or anyone else would pet Sven first…Flo would become very angry and attack Sven…never hurting him physically but mentally scared to the point. that when others would come to visit and attempt to pet Sven first…he would run away from being petted and suffer the wrath of Flo  . And everyday I would visit my Mom at Marian Manor nursing home…and sometimes I took them both along to visit Mom . Sometimes I would buy a Wendy’s junior cheeseburger deluxe and with that purchase I could feed all four of us…Sven and Flo shared the meat patty…Mom got the pickle and onion…and I got the lettuce and tomato . But most times I did not take my two guardian angels with me…and when I came home from visiting my Mom…I would lay down in the middle of the living room floor…Flo would lay on one side of me and Sven on the otherand I would rub their bellies for about 20 minutes every day…yes Life is good .

For those who are unaware Sven helped to save my life . he was 3 years old at the time…and had never barked in his life…well one day in June 10 years ago I had fallen asleep on the couch and Jane was upstairs in bed ….then at about 4:15 in the morning Sven decided to bark for the first time . Jane called down to me to find out what was going on . I did not respond . Jane came down to find me unresponsive on the couch . A call to 911 and initiating CPR…I am here today  courtesy of Sven and Jane and the doctors who when it was all done had put 12 stents in my heart and installed an ICD in my chest….pacemaker/defibrilator and for all those who kept/keep me in their prayers


Sven has had health problems from about the age of 5 and him making it to 13 years old is a great determination for Sven’s love of life  . Sven had 3 surgeries to remove sarcomas from his body…the last surgery involved removing an entire layer of flesh and 40 staples in his side…and us living on the floor for a month til he healed . Pancreatitis and liver disease and more liver problems and then finally a mass on his liver . He was retaining fluids and after two taps into his belly to drain 5 lbs of water and then adding lasix to keep the fluids off him he was doing well for a couple months and then suddenly he went blind on Sunday and he just became very ill and it was time for him to go be with his sister . But before he went I gave him some of his favorite treats and a Wendys junior cheeseburger deluxe .


I could go on…but maybe in the near future I will add stories of Sven . We did do agility and our first instructor really liked Sven…Andrew Maxwell is his name…before every class Sven would go over to Andrew and just roll on his back and let Andrew rub his belly…One day Andrew offered 3 of his border collies for Sven . I said no…I knew I had the real treasure…a hundred champion border collies still would not be enough .


I am very grateful to the Lord for giving Sven to me through the Christmas holidays as that is one thing I asked for…I did ask for him to live longer than that but Sven let me know he was ready to move on .


On Christmas Day and the day after I took Sven on some small trips locally…the last picture in this post got Sven and I an honorable mention from fujifilms.


When I would sneeze Sven always came to check on me to see if I was OK…When I would drop something heavy or something made a loud noise…Sven always came to check on me . When I would go down to the basement to do laundry and then head back up the steps…Sven was always laying at the top watching over my safe keeping. Sven I hope you continue to be my guardian angel and keep watch over me . I am sorry how this ended Sven but I tried my best . Love you Bud .



Sven n Kenn