Erie Tall Ships

Had an iopportunity to go up to Erie late yesterday

The Erie Tall Ships Festival was winding down . I was traveling with my good friends Kaba and Sammy so we went straight out to the peninsula for a little 80 minute hike . On our way out to the Oliver Hazard Perry monument…Perry known for “Don’t give up the ship . ” and “We have met the enemy and they are ours . ” and helping to win the Battle of Lake Erie…a great turning point in the War of 1812…any way as we traveled out the peninsula …I spotted a schooner on the bay…and later as we got out of the car for our hike we spotted the 60 foot rubber duck…luckily I took a picture then because on our way back to the car we saw the rubber duck deflate very quickly…by the time it took us to walk half a mile…that duck was downright flat …It was bigger than the one we had in Pittsburgh…but it looked a lot more flimsy….nonetheless…I love the idea of the giant rubber ducks…they make me smile.

So we headed off the peninsula…passing by Sara’s without even stopping for an orange sherbet/ vanilla twist cone…I headed to the Giant Eagle in the Yorktowne Plaza to get the kids something to eat…I got them some canned chicken…fully cooked and 97% fat free…so they were fed and watered…and then we ventured over to the Bayfront area to get closer to the tall ships…the festival was long over….but there was still plenty of people milling around and visiting local eateries and getting ready to watch the fireworks….So Sammy Kaba and myself just did an easy stroll around the beautiful bayfront area…by the time we were done meeting people and getting back into the car it was 7:30…not staying for fireworks…Sammy is not a fan…we headed home

Coming home we had about 45 minutes of light…got us down to around Meadville…It became darker and darker and by the time we reached Grove City there was no longer any light on the western horizon . We listened to Alice Cooper’s show on the buzz of the Wuzz…WUZZ titusville , oil city radio station. He did not play many tunes that I cared for…but I did learn the Who were once called the Detours…this was before Keith Moon was the drummer…Maybe that explains to me why the Who had an upwards arrow as part of their logo

Anyway…getting closer to home I switched to WDVE…and just getting a little tired…a man did not come on the radio telling me how white my shirts should be…but Jim Morrison did tell me to keep my eyes on the road my hands upon the wheel…and I did…I like driving in the dark… as long as the roads are dry…then DVE played an annoying Steve Miller song…the special effects just hurt my ears…so I turned off the radio….and in ten minutes I needed something to keep me alert…so back on the radio comes…and I am thinking…I can be listening to the radio with my brother Joe…even though we are 3,000 miles apart…so I put on WYEP…Joe listen to YEP on Sunday nights for bluegrass…so after a few bluegrass ballads…on comes…Tennesse Blues…there is nothing bluesy about it to me…lot of high speed picken goin on here…and then that was followed by Big Stone Gap…another faced paced tune…this was like getting a double shot of a dark roast ethiopian yirgacheffe right into a vein

Needless to say we all made it home safely…the dogs were tired …made some new acquaintances…and always enjoy being near the water

Be well all…have a great week…the weather is getting cooler and easier to breathe

A few images from our trip