They aren’t called quickbreads for nothing

This started…well it started 48 years ago…learning how to bake with my Mom . She was such a good teacher…so patient and nary a negative word .

Well now in my more elder years I still prefer to bake from scratch but I am not opposed to using a mix once in a while

I have been having my eye on the Nordic Ware autumn cakelets pan . Nordic Ware makes really nice products…with great detail…and in most cases easy to clean up as is the case with this pan

So I bought the pan and the Williams -Sonoma gingerbread spice quickbread mix for 12.95…I also bought the trader Joe’s gluten free Pumpkin bread and muffin mix for 3.99

Both mixes have similar mixing directions…one you add water…one you add milk…one you add oil…one you add melted butter…and they both use 2 eggs

My taste test reveals…and I am the only taster in this test…is that they taste very much alike but I find the Trader Josef”s to be more spicy and very similar to a gingerbread . I had hard time trying to taste the pumpkin…I wish there was more of a pumpkin taste…so to me they both taste like gingerbread…and that is fine with me…I love gingerbread and the spicier the better…plus there is a huge difference in price…all things considered this is a TKO for Trader Joe’s.

I made a thin glaze of some maple syrup and powder sugar and a little water


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