Good for the USA…and the World

I am glad the election is drawing to a finale .

And I want to address the people who are still undecided…or who are choosing not to vote or vote for a third party .

First of all a vote for a third party candidate is not throwing it away…it is a vote for Trump…so actually your protest vote will actually help trump so you are actually deciding to support him whether you realize that or not .Here is a man who constantly lies …continues to lie and believes his lies . Big big lie…Hillary sold uranium to the Russians…not true…there were nine agencies including one from the Canadian government. Hillary was not involved…and she had no veto power to stop it . Benghazi…Hillary took the fall for this but there were many parties responsible for this …including the republican controlled Congress who would not give the secretary of state more funds to secure not only the embassy in Benghazi…but to shore up all US embassies as …many …many …many are unsecured…again Hillary tried but Congress refused to help…Dr Ann Stevens  sister to the late ambassador Chris Stevens places the blame   with Congress failing to act on Clintons requests.

Another lie…Hillary will take your guns…another lie…you will be able to keep your guns under Hillary …she wants to tie up loopholes…make it a bit tougher to get a gun…especially wanting to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill…pretty good idea if you ask me .

Hilary supports the working man…Trump just the rich man…giving the rich a tax break…that does not help our economy…only the rich…the rich get richer and the poor poorer . Hillary’s plan to stimulate job growth …as well as Trump’s have been analyzed by experts…and their conclusion…under trump the USA loses jobs…under Clinton millions of jobs are added .

All of the scandals about Hillary have been started by the gop…They have been attacking her…and she is still standing . Her emails…there is nothing damaging in there…did you read them…if you did you would see that Hillary Clinton helps the people…helps the children…helps the elderly . She has been dedicated to service making many sacrifices…yet when Trump was asked…what sacrifices have you made…he said…I built great structures…really ?

Also trump is not a billionaire…he says he is but if he were he would show us his income tax files…show us how uncharitable he is . He is a racist , sexist , mysogonist…and I could go on and on…but simply the guy is a moron . He has no plan…and lately he has turned into a puppet …just a mouth piece for the GOP telling him what to say .And the way Isee it…The republicans have been about the party…not about representing the people . Look at our past democrat presidents…I think they have kept our economy in good shape . President Bill Clinton left the country in pretty good shape as well as President Obama .

So…the man without a plan…a hater…wants to divide this country….or Hillary who not only has a vision but has a plan to enact that vision for the good of the people the nation the world

For any decent human being the choice is easy…Trump made that clear from day one . He is truly unfit .

Hope you can find a few minutes in your day tomorrow to vote for Hillary


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