Do You Want To Build A Snowman ?

Well it is almost Christmas and there is no snow on the ground . I do live in the northeast and temperatures have been fluctuating so the snow we use to have is gone and now looking at a rainy Christmas day…as I am writing this i am listening to fairy Tale of New York…one of my favorite Christmas songs…and to get into the Christmas spirit I do want to build a snowman . I was inspired by work that I saw on pinterest …from a page called…CAKE TIME…it is written in Polish but you can get an English translation . I did not use her chocolate cookie recipe …only her idea…I used a chocolate sugar cookie on Sweetopia…that is very chocolaty

So I put these two things together . Cake Time uses sugar paste to coat her cookies…I instead used the glaze that is…2 pounds confectioners sugar…10 T karo…10 T milk…and I added a teaspoon of cinnamon emulsion and a teaspoon of cream cheese flavoring . So I cut out 3 different sizes of round cookies…I found very inexpensive plastic round cutters on amazon…I then iced them all….let them dry 12 hours…and then I used my Wilton food writers to start drawing arms and eyes and a mouth….after that dried I started stacking cookies…using frosting as glue…I used 5 cookies per 1 snowperson .

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a grand New Year


It Took 62 Plus Years

Most men have a nice tool box and not just a screw driver and hammer and needle nosed pliers…they have things I cannot even pronounce in there . If you looked in mine there was a hammer…a screwdriver…only one but if you pulled of the flathead screwdriver part and flipped it end to end you would also have a phillips head screw driver…and needle nose pliers …and to find those you would have to dig through my coins and cards and cups and balls and books by David roth …John Mendoza and an encyclopedia by Tarbell …complete course of magic . WellI finally made a giant leap as I was working on a project…I found a mirror in someones garbage and decided to try and do something with it…and as the project was winding down I was trying to figure out how I was going to attach the new back to the mirror…it was at that moment…I became a man .


the staple gun…not only does it insert staples…it can do brads as well…I read the directions…and of course being who I am…I became afraid of it…Hell this thing could kill someone…that came to mind after watching a recent Bones rerun in which they determined the victim was killed by a nail gun…So i learned how to load the gun with staples and brads…and as I finished attaching the back to the mirror….I disengaged the rest of the staples rendering the gun harmless

Well any way i found this perfectly good mirror


No major damage and the mirror was in excellent reflecting condition…but of course…that is not what I wanted

I went to youtube to find out how to distress a mirror…So I had to remove the back from the mirror and then I had to remove the paint from the back of the mirror…I used Citristrip


This is a pretty green product…the odor was not too bad and once applied to the back of the mirror it took around 30 minutes and the paint came off easily with a plastic scraper…to reveal copper and silver backing on the mirror.

So I wanted to make the reflecting part look older…I could have used muratic acid…but then me being me again…acid scares me…so I went with a mixture of bleach and water…this became a complete experiment for me…as i was not getting quite the effect I wanted…to the point that I had removed much more of the silver than what I really wanted .So to the rescue


Rustoleum mirror effect paint…you can use this on a plain piece of glass and make it a mirror …but you need to paint the back side of the glass to get the effect…So Iused it and still wanted some distress…so I used a mixture of vinegar and water and sprinkled it on the mirror glass…before I painted…so wherever there was water and vinegar the paint would not stick…I did this with 5 layers until I got what I was looking for.

And sometimes things just happen…I had no intention when I started on this to make it a winter or holiday decoration…but that is what happened…it is full of memories of my Mom….who…on cold winter mornings was making us hot cocoa on the stovetop….putting in an enamel coated pan a mixture of milk sugar and hershey’s cocoa…she always made it perfect…and helping my Mom with her holiday cards while she was in a nursing home…even at the age of 87-88-89 she thought it was important to add a hand written message in the card…I pretty much saw Mom 5 days a week…sometimes more often as I lived close by…She was working on a card for me…and when she gave me the card and I opened it…it said…Let it it Snow ! I just laughed …It made me feel so good…my Mom really knew me…Every year for my birthday I always wished for snow…I still have that card from Mom

So working on this project maybe just a step closer to becoming a man…I do not have power tools…but the staple gun is a step in the right direction

Anyway here are some images of my project