Club Rugby Playoffs

the weekend a week ago I had the good fortune of sitting and watching some top quality rugby at Founders field as the playoffs for DI , DII and DIII took place . Both mens and womens

I apologize for the lack of variety or amount of images as some health issues are limiting my abilities

Anyway the match I enjoyed the most was NYAC v Mystic River in the quarterfinals…NYAC ended up winning and was in control but this match was so well played and the hitting was hard…it was a shame someone had to lose . NYAC went on to beat Chicago Lions in the semifinals ….so NYAC is headed to Colorado for the finals

The next match I enjoyed was in the semifinals on Sunday morning…Detroit Tradesmen v Life Running Eagles…I thought the turning point in the game was when the match was knotted…I think at 18…and Life was gaining momentum…but all of a sudden Detroit gets the ball back…and instead of trying to control play and posession they decide to kick the ball back to the Eagles…game over as Life took control of the game from there…They go on to Colorado as well . I was informed by a knowledgeable rugger you dont give up posession like detroit did…it certainly cost them…but it was an entertaining match

And in the womens the Raleigh Venom took on Nova in a defensive struggle…I think the venom led 3-0 at the half and things became a bit more offense oriented and raleigh held on to win 18-10 sending the Venom to the Finals as well

I did not get see a lot and missed more games than I was there for but congratulations to the winners for moving on and good luck in the finals…bring those cups back east


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