Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Parade

As sson as I found out there was going to be a Penguins victory parade I started pondering the best course of action to take . Should I drive…should I take the bus in …the T out…drive to the T and take the T…well I decided to take the bus that stops about 70 yards from my front door…Having an injured knee I did not want to walk more than I really needed . So at 8:07 I boarded the 36 Banksville to head on down for the 11 oclock parade…so usually a quick trip the ride was about 40 minutes due to rush hour traffic . As I slowly walked up the boulevard I noticed there were more people than the previous year at about the same time of day…at the end of the day the estimated crowd was 650,000 people…I say…no way…maybe 500,000 which is still more than the previous years estimated crowd of 400,000 …I really do not know how they guesstimate .

Anyway I had concerns about sun and length of time to wait…I found my place and had a front row view…There was still 2 hours before the parade…I tried to make small talk with folks around me…but no one was very talkative…and recovering from a torn meniscus and having plantars fasciitis I decided to sit down on the ground…shortly after more and more people were gathering around when 2 lovely women came up near me and one asked…”do you think when the parade starts there would be room for us when you stand up ? ” I assured them we could all fit . And then they sat on the ground with me . And the next two hours flew by as we chatted mostly about hockey… so I learned that Linda and Linsay are Penguins fans and they came all the way down from Ontario…that is pretty awesome support…and as we sat on the ground …most of the people stood around us…shielding us from the sun…I didnt plan this it just happened…and before I knew it…the parade was closely approaching…so we stood up and we all fit in the space I had occupied sitting and with my camera gear and water

North Allegheny band started it off right behind the police escort…Surprisingly NA had on their full dress…I thought it was ridiculous…and found out later they were not allowed to drink fluids as they marched…the rest of the bands …at least that I can recall…Mt lebanon , Allderdice…Penn Trafford and Gateway…all were more reasonable wearing t shirts and shorts…many of them in Penguins t’s

And as the players approached the photographers gathered in front of us…some moved but one guy in particular liked staying right in front of us…both Linda and Linsay asked him to be considerate and stay low or move up or below us…he just ignored the requests… I know he is doing his job…but being kind is appreciated and it seemed sometime he stayed there just to be annoying . So I was using a short 12-55 mm zoom…so I ended up zooming in further up the street or shoot as the players got behind us…though many shots look similar…that is what you get when you are locked in…but I think I got an image or 2 that I really like .

As the parade ended near us it was time to bid farewell to my new friends…not only did they give me the time of day and their friendship but Linda also gave me a 125th anniversay of the Stanley Cup Canadian quarter…it made it home safely Linda…not to be spent

So here are a bunch of images from the parade…


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