too Hot …Its too hot Baby

Gotta run for shelter gotta run for shade….that is the kind of day it was today ….Sammy was attacked early this morning and thank you Lord…not injured…he did end up getting a nice bath…so to test his psyche a little bit we ventured out to south Park in the afternoon…and spent very little time in the sun…we ended up finding a bench under the shade of a tree…and Sammy met another dog and the two of them were very cordial…makes me feel better…and I am sure Sammy feels better about it as well

So I found this family of groundhogs …never spent much time observing them but I did hear them whistle…as we know they are also called whistle pigs

I have a dendrobium nobile…it is a soft caned orchid…it bloomed sometime last fall and are known to be very hard to rebloom…but guess what…I have some buds on the plant not a lot of them…maybe 9…but should bloom over the weekend sometime…makes me happy…I put most of my orchids not in bloom outside for the summer and they seem to be doing well

Also a red flower called …balsam are known to attract hummingbirds…saw none on these today….but I never knew what these flowers looked like…but a lady told me they look like fireworks…I think that description is spot on

Namaste all…enjoy your weekend


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