A Tale of Two Chairs

Chairs …not forgotten but life just got in the way…and some may say that they developed some charachter

WEll not only did they develop character…they developed some holes…one whole was huge at least 10 inches long and 3 inches high…and some slugs were making their home in one of the legs
click on the image to see the up close and personal view…there are no slugs in the image for those of you who are squeemish

it took a while …5 days to get this patched and get it to harden and cured so that it could be sanded…the product that ended up being used is called sculpwood . And to make sure it stays secure the rotted wood should be sealed with a wood hardener…such as one made by minwax…which cost about 10 dollars…another product called rotfix was 4 times the price…we will see how long the patch lasts using the cheaper product…but the sculpwood was not cheap either…50 dollars or so and it comes in putty form . You have to mix equal amounts of putty a to putty b…

The above image is of the damaged area after it was patched and painted

So two chairs with lots of natural character were cleaned…sanded and painted and sealed with a varathane spar urethane product .

some images of the finished chairs…oh and by the way after the urethane cured the chairs are standing up to all the wet weather we have been having…I will report back after a year of usage

please click on images below for large view


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