Pickelsburgh 2017

Saturday went down to Pickelsburgh on the Clemente bridge…took the T there…and a short 5 minute walk I was at the party…I must have been there when everyone else was there because it was so hard to move…the booths take up 1/3 of the space and when you are on a bridge deck…there is not a whole lot of room to move…enough of that…because people were not pushing and shoving the air temperature was in the upper 70’s and you could learn for free how to pickle …or enjoy a all the varieties of pickled foods from ice cream to deep fried pickle wrapped in bacon or have some pickled vodka at Atrias just outside PNC Park

Lots of kids as I was there around 1 p.m and a day full of music….I was fortunate enough to catch the performance of a band calling themselves Buffalo Rose…they are described as singers and music makers of folk music…It is not what I think of as folk music as I grew up in the early days of Bob Dylan and joan Baez…but after thinking about it…their music is folksy and downright fun…they are a joy to watch as their enthusiasm just beams throughout the air . i knew absolutely none of the music that they played . they play covers and original material…but I was thoroughly entertained by their offerings…all I can say if you happen to be in a place where they are playing and you stop and spend some time to listen to them it will be time well spent

Here are some images of my Saturday


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