Another Milestone for Me

I love orchids…Right now I have about ten of them…Phals…dendrobium miltoniopsis and zygopatelum

I buy the plants in bud or in bloom or in spike…and they last a long time in bloom…especially phalaenopsis…I actually have a mini phal that I have had for 10 years…I just water it…hardly ever feed it…but it is often in bloom six months of the year…and it is fragrant

It is a tiny flower but it is my favorite

But that is not my milestone…Supposedly soft cane dendrobiums are hard to get to rebloom…So I bought mine backiin bloom last fall…iot was full of blooms and fragrant…well after it was done blooming I put it “away” upstairs and did not water it all winter…come spring when temperatures moderated and stayed above freezing I put it outside…and it was exposed to some cool nights…and just about ten days ago it rebloomed…so that is my milestone…the canes developed some keikeis…babies…. which I left on the mother plant and that is where most of the blooms appeared…Now after blooming I will remove the keikeis and repot……so now I have rebloomed another phal…a zygopetalum and now a dendrobium nobile…now to get my miltonia to rebloom

happy growing everyone


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