Sammy and I took a little walk into point state park and saw a beautiful sand sculpture comemmorating 40 years of the regatta…It took 4 people 2 weeks and 10 hour days to get this completed…if you didnt make it down to the regatta…I have an image or two of it below…also we ran into the 13th Virginia cavalry…at least that is who these re-enactors were posing as…drinking out of tin cups…tin was readily available back then…most were dressed in linen as that was the coolest material at the time…and they even had a gourd to carry water…it was sealed with bee’s wax…then we meandered over to market square and then ppg plaza…hope you all had a great weekend

say a prayer for my knees…my other one is starting to hurt…I think I need to rest a couple days

I also learned the literal translation for the word Namaste…it means…I bow to you

and on that note



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