Steelers Home Opener

Not much to say about the day…it was a warm Sunny Sunday afternoon…and morning…Sammy and I were down there around 9 so we did not have to feel the heat…met a couple guys from Limburg Germany…known for its Cathedral…St Gregory …I believe…but they had a German flag …and drinking Budweiser…said they were not able to find German beer…but they came all the way from Germany for the home opener…I told them I had 2 years of German in high school…but all I could remember is …Ich gehe in die schule…they laughed…but actually I do remember more…some times on Fridays if we were good…Sister Mary Donald would bring out the beer singing sheets…and we would have a great time..
.Ein Freund, ein guter Freund,
das ist das Schönste was es gibt auf der Welt.
Ein Freund bleibt immer Freund,
und wenn die ganze Welt zusammenfällt.

and it was a great time for the Steelers as they won pretty easily

so a few images from our morning near Heinze field


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