Lady Highlanders v Buffalo

I thought it was hot last Saturday as the lady Highlanders hosted Buffalo Rugby Club…The sun was harsh on me physically and as a photographer…no excuses her…just not a good of photography…and as for rugby Buffalo was the team bettered prepared to play…but one thing I find peculiar and actually do not understand…it is when the ball goes into touch and you can either do a line out…or …you can throw it into a teammate quickly…I dont understand it and why it is allowed sometimes and other times not…I think it is a good play if you can catch the other team off guard…and Buffalo took advantage of that play at least a couple times during the match.

The match was scheduled for 11…the Highlanders were there…but the Buffalo team was not ready as they arrived when I did…just 10 minutes before the hour…and to boot…the Sir was even more late…but at the end of it all…Buffalo had a nice drive home

just afew images


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