..,. Robert Smith got it wrong…Boys do cry

Last night shortly after 8 pm my bestest friend…Sammy the Rat terrier…crossed the rainbow bridge…Probably the most grueling week I have ever had in my life

Sammy had a gi bleed caused by a malignant tumor…They cut out the part of the intestine that was diseased and resectioned two healthy ends together…Sammy was slowly coming back…and then not…he developed an abcess and then pneumonia…and the doctor who did the initial surgery said there was really nothing else she could do . So last night I made my peace with Sammy and thanked him for everything he has done for me and that he would be no longer in pain .

If .this were a piece of paper you could not read it as it would be soaked with tears…I think I need to work quicker here as my tears may destroy the keyboard

What can I say…I had a great 20 months with this little guy…he just loved life…loved to ride in the car.. chase squirrels and deer…do backyard agility…eat Frosty Paws…He just wanted to be with me all the time…and you know what…we were together 340 days out of the year pretty much 24/7…Even when I would be in the bathroom his little head would bump open the bathroom doorto check on me…If I was in the basement working on something…he came down to make sure I was Ok

Every night he slept with me…he would burrow under the covers…and squeeze himself so hard into me

for about the past 6 months we had a Sunday ritual…of getting up early and heading downtown…hey street parking is free on Sundays…walked into Point State Park and would sit on either the Mon river or the Allegheny…and he would have breakfast…he loves it…and he loved to people watch…sometimes we would venture over to the North Shore…especially if there was a Steeler or Pirate game…he liked the people…and they liked him

I am kind of in denial…and trying to tell myself …he didnt mean much to me…but writing this and looking through some images I know he was the reason I woke every morning…my heart is so broken…and I am soooo angry…Sammy was only 9 …that is young for a rat terrier .

Sammy I have learned so much from you and you will always be in my heart…thank you for sharing your life with me….now go run in the fields up there in heaven where you can do zoomies and your whirling dervish spins…Til we meet again my good friend…love ya

I still have my gofundmepage…bills still need to be paid…if you can help that would be deeply appreciated


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