Iron Maidens Invade Highlander Country

For the athlete I might imagine that an 11a.m. kickoff is early…tough to get the body moving . But I enjoyed it because for the most part the temperature remained rather pleasant until the last 20 minutes of match time

Lady Highlanders started strong and were able to matchup well against Cleveland…but…there is always a but I guess…the Iron Maidens played a pretty stifling defense…Sideline to sideline the Maidens were right there to stop any progress…Was I watching the All Blacks…not quite but …they were very tenacious

I dont have the final score but the out of towners were victorious today

As I looked through my images…one Lady Highlander always seemed to be in the image…and if you are in a lot of my images that means you are pretty active….making a hit…taking a hit…and even scoring a try …I think I am a fan of number 10 .

As Manager Clint Hurdle might say…shower well ladies…tomorrow is another day….

Good luck against South Buffalo

here are some images


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