Highlanders v Maulers

Well it was a seasonably warm October Saturday…and rather comfortable…and then again I do not have men 200lbs and over trying to run me over…so I am sure by the end of the match some were feeling it.

I don’t know where to start…I could just say ditto…as the Highlanders win again in dominant fashion and are unbeaten heading into the playoffs …The Highlanders have been The team over the past 2-3 seasons in DIII locally…I don’t know how a team gets their D….I , II , III…IV….I am kind of used to English premiere soccer and relegation…and I am thinking …time for the Highlanders to move up to DII…I dont even know if that is a possibility…just thinking out loud here .

But a couple things I did notice…the Highlanders when on defense reacted in a swarm…whichever Mauler had the ball there seemed to always be 3 Highlanders there to take him on…I like to see that …no matter who is putting on the display .

And one thing I noticed about one of the Maulers players…the guy who would kick into touch for lineouts was just fabulous…pretty accurate kicks and with greatly measured distance

Any way…Good luck in the playoffs Highlanders

here are some images


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