Holy Toledo ! Highlanders to Invade NW Ohio

By my estimates Saturday October 28 was perfect rugby weather…on the cool side and a bit of rain…as the Pittsburgh Highlanders hosted the Cleveland Crusaders in a playoff match

It was clear as to who the better team was but…the better team does not always win…in this case the better team did win .

The two teams played it close to the vest as there was not a lot of room out there…and the Highlanders opting to score both its tries from a power situation of getting the ball down deep and then just driving the pile over the line . The Crusaders scored their lone try late in the second half and missed on the conversion…I was on the Cleveland side of the field for the conversion…and they thought it was good…you know what…I had a pretty good angle on it…and I thought it was good as well…but didnt really matter as the Highlanders controlled the ball for much of the remainder of the game .

For the most part Pittsburgh controlled posession of the ball…the Highlanders would get down to nearly scoring and then Cleveland would make a big play advancing the ball 50 meters up the field . But the Highlander defense pretty much shut down Cleveland when push came to shove

So with the win the Highlanders are still unbeaten…and still in the playoffs

Forward with honor boys .

Good luck .


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