Walk in the Park

There is nothing like a nice walk in the Park on a cold winter’s day..Not that I am unfriendly…because I am not …but there are not many people out as the cold keeps them indoors…What I like though is that it feels like my own private park…and in winter the county blocks off some roads so they do not have to do snow removal and maintenance
So Tucker and i enjoyed the park…him being a little rat terrier…all of 12 lbs he is not fond of the cold…so for him I waited til the temperatures got above freezing…and put a couple fleece jackets on him and he was OK

Last saturday we had a foot of snow on the ground …but due to the January thaw…it is all gone …that is Ok…because they are predicting a snowy February

well any way just a few images from the past week at the park

Have a great week

Heavens forbid…I rooted for the Pats over the Jags

I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I rooted for New england over jacksonville…I can’t explain it …Maybe I just dislike both teams…or maybe I admire the never say die attitude of the Patriots . I dont care if someone has more superbowls than the Steelers…The superbowl was not always…at one time there was just the NFL championship…so i combine championships and superbowls…hell Green Bay has 13…the Browns have 8 …so the Steelers are even behind the Brownies

I am a bit old school and I like how coach Belichick runs his club . No nonsense and expects everyone to follow the rules…which is not the case in Pittsburgh where star players get special treatment even when they break the rules…I am losing my way here

But probably the deciding factor to root for the Patriots is because Jacksonville has just about the ugliest uniforms and a helmet that looks like it was painted by Miss Abigail’s pre- school class . Sorry class…I do think you would have done better given the chance

And another dilemma…the Eagles won…what a classless fan base…no matter the sport… baseball …hockey ….football Philadelphia fans are among the rudest anywhere…I will give a warning to patriot fans to wear a poncho…because will you not only be targeted by flying beers…you can expect to be spat at …Every city has a few jerks I understand that…but Philadelphia exceeds the limit 100 fold

I do not wish a plague of boils on either team…and really do not care who wins…just as long as it is not Philthadelphia…Minnesota prepare yourselves this invasion of the silver and green may be a disaster from which you cannot recover

a few More flakes and other stuff

Woke up…I heard the guy on the radio say his temperature reader in his car was at minus 2 degrees fahrenheit…on My way to the dog park with Tucker I saw 7 degrees…so I felt fortunate…but it certainly was cold…Tucker took care of business in 90 seconds or less

Anyway…I managed to snap a few more images of snowflakes…and some of Tucker curled up in the Morris chair…and there is an image of the tip of an antique ice skate that I have that dates back to 1786 and made in Trenton

Warmer days are just around the corner

Smoke on the Water

Hope everyone is enjoying their winter…I am …I dont even mind that the Steelers lost yesterday…a bit disappointed though… When i was finishing my purchase at trader Joe’s on griday…she asked me about the steelers game…i told her I did not have a good feeling…

Lots of blame to go around….the coaches …Ben…yes he threw for over 450 yards but he still made anumber of bonehead plays…and when it all comes down to it…the steelers defense is as bad as it gets

But hey…the Penguins beat the Rangers 5-2 and have now won 4 in a row

anyway Tucker and i ventured around the city early Sunday morning in the car and got a few pictures…hope you enjoy them…and the marvels of Ma Nature