Walk in the Park

There is nothing like a nice walk in the Park on a cold winter’s day..Not that I am unfriendly…because I am not …but there are not many people out as the cold keeps them indoors…What I like though is that it feels like my own private park…and in winter the county blocks off some roads so they do not have to do snow removal and maintenance
So Tucker and i enjoyed the park…him being a little rat terrier…all of 12 lbs he is not fond of the cold…so for him I waited til the temperatures got above freezing…and put a couple fleece jackets on him and he was OK

Last saturday we had a foot of snow on the ground …but due to the January thaw…it is all gone …that is Ok…because they are predicting a snowy February

well any way just a few images from the past week at the park

Have a great week


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