Surprise snow

Woke up to about 4 inches of unsuspected snow…temperature around 25…and the sad part of the story is temps werregoing up to near 40 and same for the next day…so I knew the snow would not last…so I took the opportunity that Mother Nature had given me…and went out and shot a few images…For all you winter haters…embrace the cold…It makes me feel alive…breathe in that fresh cold air…that will wake you up…there is more oxygen in the air…dress for the cold…go out and look around…you might be surprised what you see…you may even enjoy it.

I am not a fan of warm weather…and would bitch and moan…but over the past 5 years or so…I learned to deal with it in a peaceful fashion…I just accept it…get out early while temps are at their lowest…have a moscow mule…make some margarita cupcakes…just roll with the tide

Anyway…a few images


One thought on “Surprise snow

  1. Love the trees and their shadows as well as the dog with his shadow. Tucker looks great in his yoga position. Also love the flowe pictures,. Makes me hopeful that spring is near. Nice job.

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