Cats defeat Fuel to win championship

alexinprogressWell I missed the first 3 minutes and the first goal of the game as the team from Indianapolis initiated the scoring

The Wildcats would tie the game…the Fuel would race back into the lead…on a power play goal making it 2-1…the NorthPittsburgh team would then level the score at 2 before taking a 3-2 lead into the third period .

That lead was gone just in the first minute of the third period…the Fuel had their legs moving…the wildcats were spectators as they watched their goalie make 5 straight saves before the Fuel potted the puck and tying the game

Two more goals for the Wildcats put them up 5-3…with about 5 minutes left in the third period . And that is when it got interesting…The Wildcats went into defensive mode…and well that gave the Fuel enough chances to get back in the game ….to me it made no sense because for the entire game Pittsburgh dominated time of posession….and like I said it got interesting as the Fuel went 5 hole to make it 5-4 . The Cats continued to play …ice the puck …and were very fortunate to come away with the win and the championship


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