Had a great weekend….

Happy spring everyone….well it is snowing here and the temperature is dropping…looking at 3 to 7 inches of snow…some are calling for a foot as the nor’easter tells spring that winter is staying around a bit longer

With this wintry mix in tow…I pulled ole Thelma out of the fridge and am feeding her…might even make a little loaf of sourdough in my enamel coated caste iron dutch oven…I have one from the pioneer women’s collection

Anyway I had a busy weekend…even though my back is bothering me…I went to see a splendid performance of Legally Blonde put on by The Bethel Park High School…my favorite songs were Omy God You Guys…and there , right There…which many people calll…Gay or European…politically incorrect but soooooo funny

Back was still an issue in the morning but I put some of those therma wraps on both sides of my lower back…it loosened things up enough for me to go down to the St paddy’s Day Parade…I only stayed for about an hour…and then went to an amateur hockey game…that was plenty…rolled on the foam roller…and in doing that…I kinda reinjured my left knee/leg…but I am walking on a wing and a prayer…whooooa000 I’m halfway there…despite all that I enjoyed myself…wanted to make fishermans pie for St Paddy supper but just not able to do that…made it on Sunday though…yummy

Anyway…hope you are all safe with this storm looming…here are a bunch of images from the weekend



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