It’s New To Me

It is with good intention that I am starting this …its new to me blog…I want to give my opinion on products that are brand new…or I haven’t tried before and have been around for a while

So first up is a product from Tootsie Roll Industries…and it is the Junior Mint minis

It comes in a bag that is resealable…which is something that I like…I always had some qualms about the regular 4.5 oz box….or any of the boxes larger or smaller…I mean the boxes have spaces they are not hermetically sealed….maybe i am somewhat of a germaphobe…anyway for a buck 99 you can purchase this item…the 4.5 ounce box costs only a dollar…so if you are looking for value you might stick with the old standby

As far as taste…eating these one at a time is not the best experience as the chocolate is not as smooth as i would like and actually you can feel it is gritty…but if you put 2 in your mouth at a time …the flavor is more chocolate than mint and the creamy mint center takes away the grittiness of the chocolate…and if you are like me and like a stronger mint sensation put 3 in your mouth at a time and to me the balance of mint and chocolate is perfect .

These candy pieces are pretty small…smaller than a dime and I actually could put 3 of these on a dime…with a little overhang

This product is certainly different than your regular size Junior Mints…but the taste remains pretty close to the original…unlike when York went to making their minis…they taste nothing like a regular size York peppermint patty…but that is a story for another day

On a budget…stay with the original…you get an ounce less and pay a dollar less…so if you bought 2 boxes of the 3.5 ounce mints …the regular size candies…you pay 2 bucks and get 7 ounces of candy compared to the minis 4.5 ounces