No one ordered cookies from me last week…I was lost…what to do…I had been making cookies for a month for various occasions with graduation and a baby shower

I had bought different items in getting ready for the baby shower which had a whale theme…

so……………I decided to make some shortbread and use the whale tail cookie cutter I had bought…so I researched some recipes…not that I needed to…but the stuff people put in their “shortbread cookies”…lots of folks using eggs…there are no eggs in shortbread…that is the beauty of shortbread…it is a 3 ingredient cookie…butter sugar and flour…NO EGGS ! some people add flavoring…though not needed it is an easy method to create variety…add a little vanilla…or lemon rind or some ground lavender buds

I opted to make a recipe I never tried before…instead of granulated sugar it called for confectioners sugar…I don’t think I will do that again…the cookie was tasty…but it was too light…next time I will stick with granulated

So made the cookies and started on some photographs I had planned to make or already made and needed some post processing done .

Set up my little studio and did some macro photography…refracted water droplets always interested me…I became easily frustrated with one failed attempt after another…went back the second day…learning a bit from the 1st day…and was alittle bit better…and still a long way to go…so I found some santa clauses…those fluffy white cottony thing that blow around in the wind and put it in a clothes pin to hold it…then i spritzed some water on it…put it in front of some sunflowers…you will have to look through the images to see a phot or 2 of what I got

And I guess it is going on 2 weeks now that the Futures of Pittsburgh tennis tournament took place in Mt lebanon…It was some of the lowest quality tennis that has ever come through here on the Futures circuit….the finalists and semifinalist put on a good show…It was won by Argentine…Mateo Nicolas Martinez who defeated Colombian Alejandro Gomez 6-4 , 6-4…though the scores seem close it really never was as Martinez was in control the whole match

Last image is of Tucker in PPG plaza…if your client will get up early and you ared doing a photo shoot…PPG plaza on a sunny morn between 8 and 10…the light is phenomenal


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