Getting Old

Somedays i feel like I am 109 years old

I hurt my back a week ago and was not able to do much…A hydrocollator , a foam roller and Tucker were my best friends .

I had an electrical unit …not a TENS unit as I cannot use those…but a unit from a company in Canada…King Brand is the company…and the unit sent electronic waves deep into the tissue causing heat…and bringing blood to the injured area…well i thought I had mine for a couple years…Turns out I only had it 14 months after checking with Amazon…which is where i bought it…I contacted the company as this unit was quite expensive and it did really work…but there is only a 12 month warranty…so I am s@$t out of luck…and I wont spend that much on another unit…the wires broke on mine…I tried splicing them back together but to no avail…so the foam rollerwhich cost about 5x less does a really good job…I think everyone should have a foam roller

So I am now at least to the point where I can sit at the desk for a little while…I pretty much slept about 12 hours a day last week .

So Yesterday…Tucker and I got up early and headed downtown…street parking is free…went into the park…Point State park…we were parked just across the street…enjoying some things I do not usually pay attention to…like the 2 canons near the Fort Pitt Museum…the has markings on the canon barrel…if that is what it is called …but it was made in 1755

walked down near the fountain that was not yet running as we were there pretty early…a park ranger drove by while making his rounds and greeted us with a good morning…pulled out a liyyle of a chicken tender and broke it into pieces for Tucker…he enjoyed his snack as we watched a barge come up river from down by the West End bridge and pass Heinz field .

As we made our way up the allegheny side of the park…I saw some white morning glorys…a much underrated flower…and then I saw a morning glory that very much reminded me of a morning glory I remember from childhood…it was pink and white…I have a picture to prove I saw it…but that flower made my day…I had been looking for a similar one for years…always something close but this one has been the best….since childhood…Tucker and I ended up in PPG plaza as always where we sat and meditated…and had the rest of the chicken tender

It was 62 degrees when we started…and 65 degrees when we headed home…it was an enjoyable morning

Oh one more thing…we were near Heinz hall and saw this really nice bicycle rack sculpture…it is a skeleton but its vertebrae is made like a bicycle chain…it is in the images

also since my back has issues…i wanted to travel light and only caried my littlee point and shoot Olympus Tough 3 camera…I think they are up to tough 5 now…but my tough 3 works fantastically…is that a word ?

Hope you all have a grande week

some images


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