Forge v Syracuse Chargers

Saturday past….not too bad temperature wise for august…I missed the first match between the Forge DIII v Greensburg Maulers…but was glad to make the 2nd match of the day…I believe the final score was 34-7 in favor of the Forge…Pittsburgh was in total charge of the Chargers who at a few different times would have threatening drives…but…ooops a booboo…and the Forgeturn it around for a quick score…very disheartening for the Syracuse club…I really do not have much to say…so I am posting a few images…Go Forge


Forge v Scioto Valley in a friendly

It was SaturdaY and my gear was packed and ready to head to watch some rugby preseason action…so I was getting ready to travel to the Mt Oliver area…one more check before I leave….ooops…the game had been moved to Cheswick and Founders Field…well good thing my guardian angel tapped me on the shoulder to point me in the right direction…and I really didnt mind trying to find a parking spot on the steep street and having to park up on the sidewalk or in a ditch…it was like going from the RedRoof Inn to the Omni William Penn

I got there a little late but still caught 3/4 of the game…For early August it was reasonable at around 80 degrees and sunny…I can say it was reasonable but I did not have any 200pound person chasing me and knocking me down

Nice little crowd out working on their tans while still being safe rubbing some of that banana boat sunscreen on.

I cant tell you much about the game as I kind of struggled through it with some back issues…but I did get a few images…I do know the Forge was leading at the half but lost in a close one as the scioto valley teams defense stiffened and did not allow a score in the 2nd half…If I am wrong corrections are encouraged

The Forge are headed to west Virginia this Saturday for late afternoon games…so if you got your chores done and want to watch a little rugby…check out the Forge on facebook forr exact location

some images