Forge v South Pitt and other stuff

Adventured out to McDonald Pa…to watch some rugby…a route I have driven many times…but for some reason I got lost…I missed my turn…but it was a quick fix

Lots of nice fluffy clouds in the sky…the grass was green and the air temp was 83 degrees with an occasional breeze

The D III Forge scored rather regularly at the start of the game and South Pitt fell too far behind to fully recover…but that didnt stop this from being an enjoyable match to watch .
The tackling was better on both sides than what the Steelers had offered up on Sunday…and when a team is down by 30 points or so…you might expect them to quit…but South Pitt didn’t do that….they actually outplayed the Forge during the last 20 minutes or so of the game . I like that attitude…always trying to win the next possession …trying to do better than you did just a minute before…Despite the never quit attitude…the Forge still won …I am not quite sure but the Forge was near 50 points and the South Pitt Team I believe had 27

So I am combining this with my Sunday stroll with Tucker …downtown and north shore…we were down there before the tail gating began…but it was just starting as we were getting ready to leave…Steeler fans…KC Fans…it is nice and peaceful down there as the sun comes up…I get out early for a few reasons…but the major one is for my little 8 year old rat terrier…Tucker who I adopted…he has Lupus…yes dogs can get lupus…it is best I keep him out of direct sunlight…and just in case I carry doggie sunscreen for him…you dont want to use a sunscreen with zinc oxide in it…it is poisonous to dogs…but there are several dog sunscreens…and if you cant find that…there are some infant sunscreens that will do the trick…

stopped by a couple local rinks for some amateur hockey as well

have a great week everyone


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