Rugby Pitt v WVU

saturday past it was a nice day for rugby…well at least the weather was pleasantly cool around 67 degrees…at least I liked it…brought my best Friend Tucker along…he is my rat terrier…I know barely just a little more about rugby than he does.

Well Pitt and WVU always makes for a good rivalry…no matter what sport

And that pretty much was the case in the first half. From what I recall…Pitt definitely had time of posession….they controlled the ball but when WVU got the ball a couple times…they showed their quickness and were able to advance the ball down the pitch…but never far enough to score a try…they were tough on defense as well as they only yielded 14 points in the first half . Pitt showed some nifty kicking on their successful 2 point conversion from as far away as you could be …pretty much .

The second half was a different story…It was all Pitt…WVU did pose some problems when they kicked off to Pitt…but Pitt always capitalized on the Mountaineers mistakes…I left with a minute or so to go…and I do remember WVU scoring with about 18 minutes left in the match…that was their first try…and maybe their only one…Like I said I left a little early as i wanted to walk Tucker….at the time I believe the score was Pitt 43 and WVU 7

Pitt will play again this week at founders field…hosting West Chester…should be a nice afternoon to watch some rugby

Here are a few images from the WVU match


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