DIII Forge v Presque Isle Scallywags

Nice comfortable temperatures for late September in sw Pennsylvania…Great day for rugby…I actually think everyday is a great day for rugby

So from Erie the Scallywags ventured south to Pittsburgh to face the Forge for an 11 a.m. match…I love the early matches…again I do not do play by play . This was a really enjoyable match to watch…at least for me…I like hard hitting aggressive play…and both teams brought it . it was war out there…I am not quite sure of the final score but I think it was Forge 19…Presque Isle 17

The Forge defense was amazing in the second half keeping the Wags from scoring a try while deep in the zone . Love when the Sir makes the gesture showing…held up . The Scallywags on 2 different ocassions gave the ball to number 5…I call him…Big Red…simply because he was tall and had red hair …and he was not able to score…so kudos to the Forge defense .

Big Red did cause problems elsewhere…in line outs…with his wingspan as large as a condor’s…he was able to steal throw ins…I can understand that happening once …but it happened twice within a few minutes on Forge throw ins during a line out…but thankfully the Forge did eventually make adjustments to keep the ball away from big Red in the line outs

And to make things a little too interesting the Scallywags score a try late and miss the conversion…so this is where it got a bit more intense than it needed to…. whenever the Forge kicked off and it did not go ten meters…luckily it worked out for the Forge but it didnt need to be that close

thanks for an entertaining early Saturday