Svenlovesflo…well that name comes from my 2 dogs , Sven a 12 year young Tibetan Terrier and his sister a Jack Russell terrier named Flo who if she was still with us would be almost 19 years old . Sven and I both miss you Flo .

I am now just entering the prime of my life and am able to enjoy each and every day and am thankful for all that I have . What I love to do is to make images . Some good and some not so good .I like to shoot rugby and ice hockey…as well as nature  , newborns and street portraits.

Now in my older and hopefully wiser years I have switched to mirrorless cameras as they are considerably lighter than most dslrs . I mostly use a fujifilm X-T1 and an Olympus E-M1 .

and my basic philosophy is …

everyday you wake up…it is a bonus…enjoy all you have…and everything that surrounds you…be thankful …namaste


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