Picky Picky Picky

Last week…April 10th I was busy in the kitchen . Baking pumpkin muffins , feeding Thelma ,my 7 month old sourdough starter and cleaning up the mess I was making . Alexa was playing 93.7 FM

This was the morning after the Pirates lost to the Tigers and Justin Verlander . Jim Colony …the update man and proud University of New Hampshire alumnus came on and said something like…the Pirates were nearly no-hit by Justin Verlander….Verlander had given up only one hit and it was in the sixth inning..this was during the infamous Cook and Poni show . Andrew Fillipponi came on and had issue with Colony’s wording . This is the same AF who continues to not know how to pronounce words…like chasm…and a local car dealer whose name ends in ch…in both these cases the words are pronounced with a hard c sound…over the years…I cant remember them all but he does it regularly . For someone in the broadcasting business i would think one would know how to pronounce words and people’s names…I give Poni credit…he works hard and does a lot of research but I guess maybe some of his school learning doesn’t quite measure up as he worships at the altar of Jim Boeheim…I guess that puts things a bit more in perspective . But Poni’s issue was that Verlander gave up the hit in the 6th inning…and that the Pirates were not “nearly “no-hit…and Ron Cook chimed in and kind of sided with Poni that he thought the words…”nearly no-hit “were not accurate . This is the same Ron Cook who earlier talking about the Pirates…saying we are almost halfway through August…well Ron it was August tenth…that is only 1/3 of the way through the month…there were still 3 weeks left to go .

The Detroit Free Press sports headline read…Verlander almost no-hits Pirates…pretty much what Jim Colony said…and I totally agree with it . They did not say Verlander almost threw a no hitter…what they are saying is something completely different…Giving up one hit is nearly no-hit baseball…and that is what Verlander did on August 9 …so Mister Cook if August 10 is nearly halfway through the month…which it isnt…can’t you accept Mr Colony’s wording…which is actually much more accurate than yours…You too Andrew…you could be called out on a lot of things but most people let you slide. Hell, Colony has already done 5 hours of work before you even get on the air….rewriting updates…and scampering to various studios to do updates on sister stations…give the man a #@!%^&% break .

and if you want to talk inaccurate you all do it all the time with your teases…everytime I hear a tease…for some juicy morsel…I learned…they got nothing…when I hear the tease…i change the station or just turn it off…but once again giving up only one hit…whether it be in the first inning or the eighth inning…it still is nearly no-hit baseball

I know Jim can handle himself and does not need my support…but he is the best at what he does . Jim I was at the regatta …was going by a vendor…and a UNH v Boston College game was on the TV

I am not a writer and you can tear me up for that…no problem with that

and for now


Me and the Kids

Me and the Kids
as usual on Sunday morning Sammy and I went downtown to sit by the river …meditate…and eat breakfast…Today we had the pleasure of the good company provided by Mr Kaba . He was so well behaved…and I think he makes Sammy behave better as well .

Not much excitement as the 4th is over as well as the regatta and the Pirates are out of town…so it was just the pups and myself…and the Yogis in market square

I do have an image of Kaba doing downward dog…as well as a dog lying down while the yogi practitioners try to perform a downward dog

Just a few images

Me and the Kids

as usual on Sunday morning Sammy and I went downtown to sit by the river …meditate…and eat breakfast…Today we had the pleasure  of the good company provided by Mr Kaba . He was so well behaved…and I think he makes Sammy behave better as well .


Not much excitement as the 4th is over as well as the regatta and the Pirates are out of town…so it was just the pups and myself…and the Yogis in market square


I do have an image of Kaba doing downward dog…as well as a dog lying down while the yogi practitioners try to perform a downward dog


Just a few images



downtown monarch


Kaba doing downward dog



what are they doing ?



Sammy and I took a little walk into point state park and saw a beautiful sand sculpture comemmorating 40 years of the regatta…It took 4 people 2 weeks and 10 hour days to get this completed…if you didnt make it down to the regatta…I have an image or two of it below…also we ran into the 13th Virginia cavalry…at least that is who these re-enactors were posing as…drinking out of tin cups…tin was readily available back then…most were dressed in linen as that was the coolest material at the time…and they even had a gourd to carry water…it was sealed with bee’s wax…then we meandered over to market square and then ppg plaza…hope you all had a great weekend

say a prayer for my knees…my other one is starting to hurt…I think I need to rest a couple days

I also learned the literal translation for the word Namaste…it means…I bow to you

and on that note


Another Milestone for Me

I love orchids…Right now I have about ten of them…Phals…dendrobium miltoniopsis and zygopatelum

I buy the plants in bud or in bloom or in spike…and they last a long time in bloom…especially phalaenopsis…I actually have a mini phal that I have had for 10 years…I just water it…hardly ever feed it…but it is often in bloom six months of the year…and it is fragrant

It is a tiny flower but it is my favorite

But that is not my milestone…Supposedly soft cane dendrobiums are hard to get to rebloom…So I bought mine backiin bloom last fall…iot was full of blooms and fragrant…well after it was done blooming I put it “away” upstairs and did not water it all winter…come spring when temperatures moderated and stayed above freezing I put it outside…and it was exposed to some cool nights…and just about ten days ago it rebloomed…so that is my milestone…the canes developed some keikeis…babies…. which I left on the mother plant and that is where most of the blooms appeared…Now after blooming I will remove the keikeis and repot……so now I have rebloomed another phal…a zygopetalum and now a dendrobium nobile…now to get my miltonia to rebloom

happy growing everyone

Pickelsburgh 2017

Saturday went down to Pickelsburgh on the Clemente bridge…took the T there…and a short 5 minute walk I was at the party…I must have been there when everyone else was there because it was so hard to move…the booths take up 1/3 of the space and when you are on a bridge deck…there is not a whole lot of room to move…enough of that…because people were not pushing and shoving the air temperature was in the upper 70’s and you could learn for free how to pickle …or enjoy a all the varieties of pickled foods from ice cream to deep fried pickle wrapped in bacon or have some pickled vodka at Atrias just outside PNC Park

Lots of kids as I was there around 1 p.m and a day full of music….I was fortunate enough to catch the performance of a band calling themselves Buffalo Rose…they are described as singers and music makers of folk music…It is not what I think of as folk music as I grew up in the early days of Bob Dylan and joan Baez…but after thinking about it…their music is folksy and downright fun…they are a joy to watch as their enthusiasm just beams throughout the air . i knew absolutely none of the music that they played . they play covers and original material…but I was thoroughly entertained by their offerings…all I can say if you happen to be in a place where they are playing and you stop and spend some time to listen to them it will be time well spent

Here are some images of my Saturday

A Tale of Two Chairs

Chairs …not forgotten but life just got in the way…and some may say that they developed some charachter

WEll not only did they develop character…they developed some holes…one whole was huge at least 10 inches long and 3 inches high…and some slugs were making their home in one of the legs
click on the image to see the up close and personal view…there are no slugs in the image for those of you who are squeemish

it took a while …5 days to get this patched and get it to harden and cured so that it could be sanded…the product that ended up being used is called sculpwood . And to make sure it stays secure the rotted wood should be sealed with a wood hardener…such as one made by minwax…which cost about 10 dollars…another product called rotfix was 4 times the price…we will see how long the patch lasts using the cheaper product…but the sculpwood was not cheap either…50 dollars or so and it comes in putty form . You have to mix equal amounts of putty a to putty b…

The above image is of the damaged area after it was patched and painted

So two chairs with lots of natural character were cleaned…sanded and painted and sealed with a varathane spar urethane product .

some images of the finished chairs…oh and by the way after the urethane cured the chairs are standing up to all the wet weather we have been having…I will report back after a year of usage

please click on images below for large view

Sunday stroll with Sammy n Kaba

Not much to say…got out before the threat of rain…it was in the 70’s but getting warm…we caught some nice breezes at the fountain at the point and in PPG plaza…as kaba got ready to lead yoga class in Market Square

just some pics

most are of Kaba…he can be very difficult to photograph because of color…have to use fill flash

And…a big thanks to sammy and Kaba for being so well behaved…it was a pleasure

too Hot …Its too hot Baby

Gotta run for shelter gotta run for shade….that is the kind of day it was today ….Sammy was attacked early this morning and thank you Lord…not injured…he did end up getting a nice bath…so to test his psyche a little bit we ventured out to south Park in the afternoon…and spent very little time in the sun…we ended up finding a bench under the shade of a tree…and Sammy met another dog and the two of them were very cordial…makes me feel better…and I am sure Sammy feels better about it as well

So I found this family of groundhogs …never spent much time observing them but I did hear them whistle…as we know they are also called whistle pigs

I have a dendrobium nobile…it is a soft caned orchid…it bloomed sometime last fall and are known to be very hard to rebloom…but guess what…I have some buds on the plant not a lot of them…maybe 9…but should bloom over the weekend sometime…makes me happy…I put most of my orchids not in bloom outside for the summer and they seem to be doing well

Also a red flower called …balsam are known to attract hummingbirds…saw none on these today….but I never knew what these flowers looked like…but a lady told me they look like fireworks…I think that description is spot on

Namaste all…enjoy your weekend

Short Sunday Stroll with Sammy

It sometimes amazes me what I can photograph in a very small area…still having issues with my knee and my feet so Sammy and I do not walk as far as we once were able but we have devised a plan that gives us a high yield for a small investment

I love PPG Plaza in the summer and the winter…summer you have the water display and in winter you have the ice rink in the exact same place

Sunday mornings it is peaceful downtown…plus street parking is free

Some things that Sammy and I saw